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Who We Are

We Work Hard To Gain Your Trust

When it comes to investing, trust is key. Choosing a reliable investment company is essential for investors to feel secure with their money.

A trustworthy investment company should provide clear information about how their investments work and be open and honest with any potential risks or rewards associated with them.

We know that your investments are your most valuable asset, and only through careful research and due diligence can we aim to protect it for you.

We work hard to gain your trust, not just for today, but for long term future ahead. We are about building long term relationships with investment partners. That’s why we make sure through our open honest and transparent operations, you’re comfortable entrusting us with your investments.

Our Management Team

Matt Hoffman

Matt Hoffman


Matt has a 25-year career as a financial advisor, fundraiser, and C-suite executive and consultant.

He was the COO of a national manufacturing company, the National Account Sales Representative for a Fortune 500 company, and the Director of Sales for numerous firms based in the US and Europe.

His aspiration to help investors maximize return, minimize risk, and mitigate tax burdens led him to the oil and gas sector in 2016. Matt founded Ascenture Capital to provide investors with the clarity, connections, and confidence they need to achieve lasting success in oil and gas investing.

Matt has a B.A in Economics with a Finance Concentration from Carleton College.

Nathan Tarrant

Nathan Tarrant

Chief Operations & Marketing Officer

Nathan has worked in financial services, marketing, and strategic business growth for over 30 years. He was the founder and COO of a Queens award-winning financial services company based in the UK, as well as being on the management team of a start up financial services company that became the 21st fastest growing company in the UK on the Sunday Times Fasttrack 100 list of companies. 

He also operated as a financial & alternative investment advisor to delegates of the UN, World Health Organization, and senior managers of Fortune 500 companies in Geneva, Switzerland, after the 2008 financial crash. 

Recently he oversaw the digital promotion of a national investment sponsor specializing in tax-advantaged real estate offerings, where they went from $1.9B to $3B in transaction volume in less than 18 months.

Mike Erpenbeck

Mike Erpenbeck

Director of Field Operations & Project Analysis
Oil and Gas Geological and Engineering

Mike has 35 years broad experience in upstream Oil & Gas industry including geology, reservoir, field development, asset management, and production engineering management, with recent focus on economic analysis and efficiency improvement.

15 years of Mike’s work has involved working within an international oil and gas advisory/consulting firm, with extensive client interaction and project management of domestic and international engagements.  His expertise is in cost and efficiency analysis of production operations, drilling operations, finding and development. Along with combine research of technology and best practices with economic/commercial analyses and lead evaluation teams to articulate findings to senior management in client firms.

Mike is currently also the President of the Houston Geological Society.


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Mission & Vision

We provide human and economic freedom and flourishing for all humanity worldwide through impact investing.

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Our Core Values

At Ascenture Capital Group, our core values are:

  1.  Building an environment of implicit trust.
  2. Transparency in all we say and do.
  3. Empowering others.
  4. The constant pursuit of excellence in our service.
  5. The integrity of character is on continuous display.
  6. Ethical and moral results-driven service.
  7. Understanding first so that we can provide the correct answer.
  8. Owning the situation and the problem.
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